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Knurl twist pen, Mulberry, Granadillo, Padauk

Knurl twist pen, Mulberry, Granadillo, Padauk

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The Knurl twist pen. A little bit beefier than most, for those who like a pen with some heft. These beautiful pens are fine writing instruments that look and feel great in your hand. They are great for fitting in a purse, or binder, or hanging out on your desk, these pens are both stylish and functional. This pen is made from Mulberry, Granadillo and Padauk woods. The pen uses a Parker style refill available at office supply stores, directions for changing the refill are on this website. Comes with a complimentary velveteen pouch.

Model: Knurl twist pen

Pen Type: Ballpoint

Ink Color: Black

Body: Mulberry, Granadillo and Padauk woods

Fixtures: Black chrome

Refillable? Yes, #2

Finish: Gloss


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