Part 6 Making a pen series. Assembling the pen.

Part 6 Making a pen series. Assembling the pen.

Now that you have the two finished pen body parts it’s time to put it all together. But first let me explain how all the components get put together. Some of the components are threaded, and you just thread them together. Most  parts are not threaded.

Most of the components are press fit together. You can’t just press them together with your hands they fit too tightly for that. You need some type of device or mechanism to keep them aligned while they are mechanically pressed together or into each other. So, obviously, you need some kind of press. You can buy a pen press, you can rig up a drill press in some way, or you can make a press using your lathe. You make a couple pieces to fit in your head stock and tail stock and use the tail stock as a press, this  is what I do.

Before we start assembling anything take the time to look at the two finished pen body parts you just completed. Look inside the tubes make sure they are clean and brush or scrape them out as needed. Clean tubes are important for proper function. Also, look at the grain and decided how you want the grain to line up once complete. You can take a small marker and mark the inside of the tubes to show where you want the pieces to line up.

Moving along, open your component set and it will look like the picture below minus the pen tubes as you have already used them.

  • First press the tip into one end of the longer tube, ensure it is fully seated.
  • Press the coupler into the other end of the same tube, ensure it is fully seated. (Don’t damage the threads)
  • Insert the ink refill and spring into the long tube, then screw the twist mechanism onto the coupler. Test it for function.
  • Press the clip/cap into the smaller end of the short tube.
  • Slide the trim ring onto the trim cap, then press them into the opposite end of the short tube.
  • Press the short tube onto the twist mechanism to join the two halves. Your pen is now complete.
  • To Change the refill, simply screw off the cap.
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