Cocktail smoker directions.

The cocktail smoker consists of three separate parts: the lid, the base, and the screen. Both the lid and the base have a top side that is etched with some decorative pattern. The underside of the lid is slightly concaved and has a Grumpy stamp on it. The underside of the base has a small lip carved into it so it won’t slide off your glass. The screen is just a screen.

Step 1: Place the base onto the top of the glass with the etched side up.

Step 2: Place the screen in the hole in the base. Press around the base of the screen to make sure it is fully seated in the hole.

Step 3: Add your wood into the screen, don’t overload it. It shouldn’t take much.

Step 4: Light the wood using a torch (not supplied with unit).

Step 5: Place the lid on the base, Grumpy side down. This should snuff out the burning wood and fill the glass with smoke. It may take a few minutes.

Step 6: Lift the entire unit off the glass and enjoy your smoky cocktail.