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Cocktail smoker. Padauk wood.

Cocktail smoker. Padauk wood.

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Handmade cocktail smoker. Do you want to take your cocktails to the next level? How about infusing them with a smoky aroma? A cocktail smoker may be just what you’re looking for. Grumpy guy has designed a cocktail smoker that is simple to operate but very efficient in it’s delivery. The smoker is designed to fit all standard rocks, Glencairn, mixing, and shaker glasses, so you can make any drink smoky in only a few seconds! It doesn’t end with cocktails use the smoker to smoke anything you could put in a glass, soup, oysters, or even ice cream. This cocktail smoker is made out of Padauk an exotic wood from Central or West Africa. Beautiful wood isn't it?

Some cherry or Oak wood to use with the smoker will come with the unit. Enjoy!!

Body: Padauk wood.

Finish: Walnut Oil

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