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30 Cal. Bolt action pen. Sonora Desert Ironwood 1.

30 Cal. Bolt action pen. Sonora Desert Ironwood 1.

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The 30 Cal. Bolt action pen will be hard for any hunting or target-shooting enthusiast to put down. The realistic bolt-action smoothly advances and retracts the writing tip in place. These pens are both beautiful and functional. Better keep an eye on this pen, it could grow legs. This pen is made from Sonora Desert Ironwood. The pen uses a Parker style refill available at office supply stores, directions for changing the refill are on this website. Comes with a complimentary velveteen pouch.

Model: 30 Cal. bolt action pen

Pen Type: Ballpoint

Ink Color: Black

Body: Sonora Desert Ironwood

Fixtures: Antique Brass

Refillable? Yes, #5

Finish: Gloss


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